.Hello brothers and sisters and welcome to the main source of The Aquarian Initiative.

Now, the real question is (considering you clicked on the about tab), who and what is The Aquarian Initiative? Well that’s simple.

The Aquarian Initiative is the musical stage name of Canadian singer/songwriter Brandon Andovic.

Brandon Andovic is your average brother; he loves music and writing more than anything (other than all of you lovely people of course, he loves you even more). The point of his existence is to spread awareness and truth in many different forms.

What’s the purpose of The Aquarian Initiative? To bring you real music, created by the people, for the people. We are an Independent entity and always will be. We’re here to bring you our music for free, consider it our gift to you. Simply because we really like you all. Your great.

However, here’s the catch; considering we are giving our music away to you for free, we simply ask that you “Pay it forward”. What do we mean by pay it forward? Well, all you have to do is give back to those in your general area that could really use some help. Trust us, there are many people out there whom you could be the saving grace to. A few ideas if your having a day of brain fog is simply to give back to your local charities, donate to a righteous NFP (Not for profit) entity, or better yet, donate you energy and love to those in your community who need it the most (giving is really better than receiving my friends).

The Aquarian Initiative is the musical half to it’s writing counterpart, https://fragmentedillusions.com/.

Feel free to check out our blog.

Want to know more about us? Well, your gonna have to communicate with us, after all, lurking can only get you so far;) just playing around.

Peace and love my friends.

The Aquarian Initiative.

*For Inquiries please reach out to: Aquarianinitiative@hotmail.com