The Music.

Music has been released to all major platforms!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

It is my absolute pleasure to announce that The Aquarian Initiative is now live across most major music platforms including Spotify, Apple music and Deezer. Every day more platforms are becoming more avalible to stream our music for free from!

I switched over to a service known as DistroKid which I highly recommend to all independent artists and creators! 

Peace to love to you all my friends, always follow your dreams!

Sending you Light through Love,

Brandon (The Aquarian Initiative)

“Amor” Debut Single Released!

Good evening ladies and gentle of the internet!

It is my pleasure to release the debut single off “Lovers and Errors”, the third EP of The Aquarian Initiative, “Amor”!

Life’s been chaotic but I was incredibly inspired and grateful to put this song together and release it, it sets the tone for “Lovers and Errors” perfectly, as the entire EP focuses on the elements of Love, Loss, and Release. 

Currently, “Amor” is only available on SoundCloud, the link is below!

Light, Love, and Peace to you all, I hope you enjoy this song, it is my honor to bring it to you!

Brandon (The Aquarian Initiative)

Simple Talk has been released!

Good evening everyone in the musical blogging world! I’ve been off of this website for quite some time and am getting back into revitalizing it considering i’ve completely reignited my passion for my music!

Recently (back in April) I released my second EP entitled “Simple Talk”. The entire EP consists of 6 songs: Beneath the Shadows, TIme Space, Evening, Twilight Vision, Trance of Chance and Masks!

I recorded the entire EP in my basement recording studio, so it was done on a budget, to say the least, and I had the help of my friend Jack Dancehall who assisted in mastering it to its final form using FL studio.

The EP is available on Soundcloud as well as Bandcamp if you wish to download and support the music! The links are just below!

Beyond grateful to be able to at last release this EP, it was in the making for quite some time!

Currently working on our 3rd EP entitled “Lovers and Errors”, which will be available in June!

Sending you Light through Love, thank you for your support, enjoy the music,


We have been mastered..

I have no idea as to why I have not updated the site with our mastered EP as of just yet. It has been out for close to two weeks after all. I suppose you could say I’ve been rather busy, and that would be a truth and a lie. Alas I have been busy with nothing. My mind sort of short circuited for a brief period of time. I find myself at the crossroads. Here is the mastered EP ladies and gentlemen, I truly hope you do enjoy!

Recording & mastering “Here, There, Everywhere”.

You’ve already seen the rough copies recorded on my Iphone. Today however we are heading to the studio, in pursuit of the true work we’ve been meaning to do for ever so long. The six song debut EP “Here, There, Everywhere” of The Aquarian Initiative will be completed by this evening and hopefully uploaded to the internet this evening, if not by tomorrow morning at the latest. Thank you all so much for your patience and support. We’ll be in touch very shortly!

Peace and love,

The Aquarian Initiative.

Cover of Wood Brother’s “Luckiest Man”

Hello ladies and gentlemen and I hope your well, wherever you may be. As I wait in the studio to record and master our debut EP “Here, There, Everywhere” and work on the upcoming album, I’ll be releasing a cover of a song that I truly admire from time to time. Here’s the Wood Brother’s Luckiest Man. First take, reading the lyrics off the screen, but hell, that’s the way music is meant to be (when it’s for my own pleasure and amusement anyways)- raw and natural.

Without further chatter, here are the links:

Want to check out the raw EP?

Peace and love friends.

The launch of “Here, There, Everywhere”.

My friends, thank you for coming to the home of The Aquarian Initiative.

We have so much work to do, but we are more than prepared for what is to come.

This first post marks the launch of the Aquarian Initiative’s debut EP: Here, There, Everywhere. It was a long time coming, but at last it is out to you, the people (at least in it’s raw and unaltered form, and that’s what real music is all about).

There are six tracks on The Aquarian Initiative’s Here, There, Everywhere EP: 1. Cracked. 2. Hard To Concentrate. 3. Blissful Illness. 4. Swimming With Sirens. 5. Loving Salvation. 6. Wishing You Rest And The Best.

Here are all the secondary sources where you can find the music:


Thanks for listening people, and all the power to you.

Peace and love,

The Aquarian Initiative.